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Agile Gunslinger

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Agile Gunslinger
XCX Skill icon Agile Gunslinger.png
Class Commando
Rank needed 2
Other characters

Agile Gunslinger is a skill in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


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Lvl BP Cost Effect
1 0 Boosts evasion by 12% when wielding a ranged weapon.
2 2 Boosts evasion by 14% when wielding a ranged weapon.
3 6 Boosts evasion by 16% when wielding a ranged weapon.
4 18 Boosts evasion by 18% when wielding a ranged weapon.
5 36 Boosts evasion by 20% when wielding a ranged weapon.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Agile Gunslinger
Japan Flag.png Japanese ガンズサークル
France flag.svg French Tireur agile Agile Shooter
Germany flag.svg German Vigilanz
Spain flag.svg Spanish Pistolero ágil
Italy flag.svg Italian Grilletto rapido