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Aggro (XC2)

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Aggro is a mechanic in the combat of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. It determines which character an enemy will target with their attacks.


Aggro is held by Drivers (in the main game) and those in the Vanguard (in Torna ~ The Golden Country). A party member who holds an enemy's aggro is encircled by a red ring on the ground, with a yellow arrow in the direction of the enemy. If multiple enemies aggro a character, multiple arrows appear on the ring.

Aggro affects the targeting of any attacks which target opponents, except for those that target a circle around the user, or those that target areas to the user's rear ("back attacks").

Each relevant party member has their own aggro value for each enemy; an enemy will target the character with the highest aggro value. Aggro is increased by dealing damage, healing, applying element orbs, and the Draw Aggro Blade Art. It decreases passively over time and when damage is taken. Incapacitation resets aggro to 0. During a Vanguard Switch, all aggro passes to the new Vanguard character.

Many effects affect aggro, either by directly modifying a character's aggro values or by increasing or decreasing the amount of aggro gained or lost by other sources. Characters focused on tanking (either by reducing incoming damage or by evading incoming attacks) tend to have aggro-increasing effects, while others often have aggro-decreasing effects. Blades with the TNK role in particular often have aggro-increasing effects.

Technical details[edit]

A character's aggro value is composed of two parts: normal aggro and volatile aggro. The total aggro value used to calculate an enemy's target is the sum of these two.

In the following:

  • AggroEnhanceRate refers to the sum of all effects that increase or decrease aggro generated, such as the effect of Spinning Cutter or Encephalon.
  • AggroReductionUp refers to the sum of all effects that increase aggro reduction, such as the Beast Hood. "Increase reduction" is not the same as "decrease generation".
  • AggroBonus is a special multiplier equal to 100% * BackAttack_buff * min(1 + 0.025 * (consecutive_crits - 1), 1.212), where:
    • BackAttack_buff is 0.5 if the Back Attack Up Blade Art is active and the attacker is targeting the enemy's back, and 1 otherwise;
    • consecutive_crits increases by 1 when the attacker lands a critical hit and resets to 0 if the attacker lands a hit which was not critical.
  • EnemyAttackPower is the value of the "Enemy Attack Power" difficulty setting (75% in Easy difficulty, 100% in Normal, 125% in Bringer of Chaos, and customisable in Custom). Note that due to the bounds on the following formulae, changing this value only has an effect if the value is greater than 100%; any values less than 100% have an identical impact on aggro to a value of 100%.
  • EffectBonus is usually 1.0. It is modified by the "Increases aggro generated from damage taken by x%." effect. In practice, this is only used by certain enemy enraged states, such as Queen Arachno.

Generation from attacks and healing[edit]

When a character deals DamageDealt damage, the following normal aggro is generated from that enemy to the attacker, unless the enemy is launched:

normal_aggro += 0.5 * DamageDealt * (1 + AggroEnhanceRate) * AggroBonus * EffectBonus

When a character heals themselves or the party for HealAmount, normal aggro is generated from all enemies in the fight to the healer, except for launched enemies:

normal_aggro += 1.25 * HealAmount * (1 + AggroEnhanceRate)

All auto-attacks, Driver Arts/Vanguard Arts, an Specials also generate volatile aggro. Damaging attacks generate volatile aggro from all targets, and non-damaging Arts generate volatile aggro from all enemies. The volatile aggro generated is as follows:

volatile_aggro += (AttackAggro + ClassAggro + PoppiAggro) * (1 + AggroEnhanceRate) * AggroBonus * ((Level - 1) * 120 + 2000) * MinothTalent


  • AttackAggro is an attack-specific value determined by the Art (in the case of Driver/Vanguard Arts or Specials) or the weapon (in the case of auto-attacks);
  • ClassAggro is a (possibly negative) value dependent upon the Driver's Class, as well as whether the attack was a Driver Art or auto-attack (0 in the case of Specials);
  • PoppiAggro is the effect of any Poppiswap card on attack aggro;
  • MinothTalent is 3 if Duelo is in effect, and 1 otherwise.

Generation from element orbs[edit]

When a character places an element orb on an enemy, they generate aggro. The amount generated is different depending upon whether the character who inflicts the element orb (the "attacker") is the enemy's current target or not. If they do have aggro, both normal and volatile aggro are increased by 5%.

If the attacker is not the enemy's target, whichever of the following values are largest is added to both normal and volatile aggro:

  • 200 * EnemyAttackPower ^ 3, to a maximum of 200 and a minimum of 1500. This is equal to 200 in Easy and Normal difficulty and 391 in Bringer of Chaos.
  • (TargetAggro - AttackerAggro) * 0.3 * enemyAttackPower ^ 2, where TargetAggro is the aggro of the enemy's current target and AttackerAggro is the aggro of the character who added the element orb. The value has a minimum of 0.3 times and a maximum of 0.72 times the aggro difference. It is equal to 0.3 times the aggro difference in Easy and Normal, and 0.47 times the aggro difference in Bringer of Chaos.
  • 0.1 times AttackerAggro.

Reduction over time[edit]

Normal aggro does not usually reduce over time. However, if the relevant character is over 8 meters from the enemy, it will deplete by the following amount per second:

normal_aggro -= (150 + (60 * (Level - 1))) * (1 + AggroReductionUp) / 30

where Level is the character's level.

Volatile aggro decreases over time by the following amount per second:

volatile_aggro -= 75 * (1 + AggroReductionUp) * DistanceMod * capped_EnemyAttackPower

where DistanceMod is 1.5 if the character is more than 8 meters from the enemy, and capped_EnemyAttackPower is equal to EnemyAttackPower, but with a minimum of 100% and a maximum of 200%.

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Reduction from being attacked[edit]

When an enemy deals DamageDealt damage to a party member, their normal aggro towards that party member decreases by DamageDealt * 1.5.

Other aggro-impacting situations[edit]

  • At the start of battle, both aggro values are 0 on all characters, unless a character has an effect which makes them start with aggro, such as the Colorful Feather. This effect modifies their starting normal aggro. Luring does nothing special aside from the damage.
  • The Draw Aggro Blade Art increases volatile aggro by (120 * Level + 1800) * DrawAggroStrength * 0.01, where DrawAggroStrength is 50 by default but can be increased with Blade Art strength-increasing effects.
  • Some Driver Arts directly reduce aggro, such as Rolling Smash. These multiplicatively affect both types of aggro. For example, at level 1 ("Reduces 20% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit"), Rolling Smash multiplies both aggro values by 0.8.
  • Effects which increase aggro passively over time, such as the Gold Nopon Mask or Zappy Girl, impact normal aggro.
  • Incapacitation sets both types of aggro to 0, unless the character has an effect which prevents this, such as the Nopon Doll.
  • While Pneuma is active, the aggro values of all party members are locked and do not change. Rex holds all enemies' aggro for the duration.


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