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Adventurers in Peril

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Adventurers in Peril
Type Timed quest
Quest giver Miriall
Location Alcamoth (Imperial Palace)
Unique comment unknown
Story point After the party leaves Alcamoth and Alvis directs them to Makna Forest
Completed Quest Preparing for Adventure 3
Affinity required XC1 region icon upper bionis.png XC1 affinity star small.pngXC1 affinity star small.pngXC1 affinity star half.pngXC1 affinity star outline.pngXC1 affinity star outline.png
Experience 5,200 EXP
Money 11,000 G
Items XC1 icon weapon rifle.png Black Sniper XC1 icon gem slot empty.pngXC1 icon gem slot empty.png
Affinity Chart changes
XC1 NPC icon 753.png Affinity link terrible short.png XC1 NPC icon 771.png
Awful Partner

Adventurers in Peril is a quest in Alcamoth.

Quest objectives[edit]

Adventurers in Peril
There has been no communication from the two who went to the ruins on Valak Mountain. Perhaps there was an accident? Go and find them quickly!
  • Find Zain near Three Sage Summit on Valak Mountain.
  • Find Kurralth near Three Sage Summit on Valak Mountain.
Return to Miriall.
Quest result
You found the two on the mountain, injured by monsters, and brought them home safely.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Adventurers in Peril
Japan Flag.png Japanese 冒険者達の遭難
France flag.svg French Les malheurs de l'aventure The Misfortunes of Adventure
Germany flag.svg German Abenteuerdesaster
Spain flag.svg Spanish Aventureros en peligro
Italy flag.svg Italian Avventurieri in pericolo
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 冒险者们的遇难
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 冒險者們的遇難
Korea flag.png Korean 모험가 일행의 조난