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Advanced Jet (XCX)

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Advanced Jet
XCX material icon 2018.png
Material obtained from a defeated enemy.
Rarity Common
Enemy category XCX inventory icon material Mechanoid.png Mechanoids
Ticket price 54
Sale price 10
This article is about the material in Xenoblade Chronicles X. For the material in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Advanced Jet (XC1).

Advanced Jet is a material in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Enemy Total drop rate Appendage list
Main body Appendages
Chromium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Ga-uhl, the Precept-Keeper 75.00% 0.00% none
Ji-ett, the Thunderclap 75.00% 0.00% none
Nickel Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
No-dhor, the Shadowcaster 75.00% 0.00% none
Prog Ares (part 2) 50.00% 0.00% none
Rhenium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Rubidium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Selenium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Stainless Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Tantalum Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Tellurium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Thallium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
Ya-rhat, the Thundercloud 75.00% 0.00% none
Zirconium Fal-swo 22.22% 0.00% none
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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Advanced Jet
Japan Flag.png Japanese 次世代ジェット部品
France flag.svg French Réacteur moderne Modern Jet
Germany flag.svg German Super-Düse
Spain flag.svg Spanish Motor avanzado Advanced engine
Italy flag.svg Italian Jet avanzato