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Advanced Jet (XC1)

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This article is about the material in Xenoblade Chronicles. For the material in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Advanced Jet (XCX).
Advanced Jet
XC1 inventory icon base 00.pngDrop rare.pngXC1DE inventory icon base 00.pngXC1DE menu icon material rare.png
This latest custom-built part is not yet being mass produced.
Frequency Rare
Sell price 5,560 G
Trade value 5,560 G

Advanced Jet is a rare material in Xenoblade Chronicles.



Enemy Lv. Loc. Wood Chest % Silver/Gold Chest % Wood Drop % Silver/Gold Drop % Total % Num. expected Num. for 95%
Meditative VarlaXC1 enemy icon frame unique.png Meditative Varla XC1 enemy icon frame unique.pngStory-limited 65 Agniratha 0.0% 100.0% 73.0% 73.0% 73.0% 2 3
Offensive/BRAVEOffensive/BRAVEStory-limited 64 Agniratha 72.8% 27.3% 20.0% 100.0% 41.8% 3 6
Offensive/DIARYOffensive/DIARYStory-limited 62 Central Factory 73.5% 26.5% 20.0% 100.0% 41.2% 3 6


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Advanced Jet
Japan Flag.png Japanese 次世代ジェット部品
France flag.svg French Réacteur moderne Modern Jet
Germany flag.svg German Super-Düse
Spain flag.svg Spanish Motor avanzado Advanced engine
Italy flag.svg Italian Jet avanzato
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 次世代的喷射器零件
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 次世代的噴射器零件
Korea flag.png Korean 차세대 제트 부품