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Activate Monado

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Activate Monado
XC1 art icon Activate Monado.png XC1DE art icon Activate Monado.png
User Shulk
Type Talent art
Colour Black
Target Self
Effect(s) Activates Monado Arts
Description Unleash the Monado's power to use a Monado Art.
First available Alongside the Monado

Activate Monado (モナド発動 (はつどう), Activate Monado) is Shulk's Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected once he obtains the Monado. It lets him switch his Arts Palette between his normal Arts and the Monado Arts.


For the most part, Activate Monado is just a button on the interface that lets Shulk toggle the Monado Arts palette, and it can be used over and over without spending resources or advancing a Chain Attack. However, it does have a subtle gameplay effect: it grants Shulk an aura for as long as the Monado Arts palette is enabled. This is relevant if Shulk is using gems or linked skills that take effect when the user has an aura active, as Shulk otherwise has no auras.


Damage type Status
Category None
Talent gauge used 0%
Accuracy +0%
Obtained Level 0
Power 0.00
Hits 0
Element None
Frames Seconds
Hit 2 0.067
Duration 96 3.2
Target Self
Area Single target
Range 0.00m
Effect Monado aura
AI type Talent
Aggro 0
Knockback None
Flags Anti-air: False
Single effects: False
Monado art: False
Battle text
Original Unleashes the power of the Monado.
DE Unleashes the power of the Monado. (XC1DE icon buff Aura.png)

This art cannot be upgraded.

Additional data[edit]

Activate Monado is disabled when the party first fights Gold Face in Galahad Fortress, and remains inaccessible until a cutscene on the Fallen Arm. During this time, Shulk can still build his talent gauge, but cannot use the ability, and thus cannot have an aura or access the Monado Arts.


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  • When Dunban has the Monado, he also possesses an "Activate Monado" art. However, it is unselectable, and would not confer any aura.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Activate Monado
Japan Flag.png Japanese モナド発動 (はつどう) Activate Monado
France flag.svg French Activation Monado Monado Activation
Germany flag.svg German Monado aktivieren Activate Monado
Spain flag.svg Spanish Poder de Monado Power of Monado
Italy flag.svg Italian Attivazione Monade
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 蒙纳多发动
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 蒙納多發動
Korea flag.png Korean 모나드 발동