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Abel's Ark

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Abel's Ark.

Abel's Ark is a is a star system-sized object that was percieved as a giant Gnosis in the Xenosaga series.


When it first appears over Old Miltia, Abel's Ark resembles a crystalline tree. The ringed object in the center is not a planet, but an energy field. After taking the Zohar, Abel's Ark is able to observe the lower domain more steadily. When Dmitri Yuriev rams into it with the Durandal that houses the Zohar Emulators, Abel's Ark transforms to resemble either a sword or a cross. The Ark's interior is mostly organic in appearance. The core is surrounded by four colored orbs, each of them contains a pocket dimension where three Zohar Emulators are held as well as being guarded by a heavily mutated Gnosis. It is said that Abel's Ark appeared when the Messiah was crucified.


Episode I[edit]

Abel's Ark is first mentioned by Wilhelm in the ending, saying that Albedo is the only person who can open the door to Abel's Ark.

Episode II[edit]

Abel's Ark first appears in the ending after the Space-Time Anomaly disappears, in which it absorbs the Zohar and then disappears just as the Durandal were prepared to collect it.

Episode III[edit]

In Shion's subconscious, after witnessing her parent's death again, in addition to her subconscious self, Shion resonates with the Zohar, calling forth Abel's Ark. The Ark then makes its way to the planet Michtam because it seeks the "eternal circle": Zarathustra, causing many planets in its path to disappear in its wake, A 100-Series Observational Unit aboard the Durandal estimates that half of the Federation planets will vanish within 72 hours due to it. Dmitri Yuriev later hijacks the Durandal, loaded with the Zohar Emulators and slams it into the Ark, transforming it. Now aboard the Ark, Yuriev replaces Ω Res Novae's counterfeit Zohar with the real one, transforming it as well. KOS-MOS then confirms the Abel's Ark is not a Gnosis at all, but something else. As Matthews is debating on how to board it, Doctus suggests to gate out inside of the Ark and which they do, narrowly avoiding the debris on the way. After landing, party ventures on the Ark to confront Yuriev and manages to defeat him at the cost of Gaignun's life.

By the time of Yuriev's defeat, the Ark manages to reach Michtam and encircles the planet, not to destroy it, but to "observe" changes in the consciousness of the lower dimension. In the ending, Abel's Ark reconfigures its shape to resemble a cross as chaos and Nephilim performs a dimensional shift to transport Michtam to Lost Jerusalem.

Connection to U-DO

As the Ark exists in the Imaginary Domain, it does not exist physically and is often mistaken for a Gnosis. Abel's Ark is one of the "eyes" of U-DO to observe the Lower Domain, along with Abel.

As an area[edit]

Abel's Ark
Abel's Ark (area).png
Segment Addresses 2
Music Abel's Ark

Abel's Ark is visited as an area in Xenosaga Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra and serves as the penultimate area of the game.


Normal Enemies[edit]



Name Buy Price
Med Kit S 100 G
Med Kit M 500 G
Revive M 600 G
Nullifier 1000 G
Seven Moons 300 G
Cleanser 100 G
Antidote 20 G
Remover 50 G
Anti-Crystal 1000 G
G Vaccine 500 G
Analyze Ball 4 G
Trap 200G
Nano Repair M 400 G
Half Repair 1500 G
Down Repair 50 G
Name Buy Price
V18 Assault II 3900 G
Aird-E 3000 G
ST2-Swift 2400 G
Aird-C II 4200 G
S-Sife FX 2400 G
Shiranui 2200 G
Misty Moon 3400 G
Four Heavens 4400 G
New Moon 5000 G
Tempest GP 2400 G
Drache 4100 G
Lindwurm M2 1600 G
Schwalbe F 1800 G
EM Faden R 2100 G
G Phalanx II 1800 G
SR Shaula A 2200 G
SR Shaula R2 2500 G
Dorade RK-3 4200 G
AF-Commando 2500 G
AF-Commando T 3700 G
ZF-Garnet 2500 G
ZF-Turmali 3700 G
ZF-Topaz 4500 G
DF-V3 2500 G
DF-V4 3700 G
RF-Tiger 2500 G
Name Buy Price
RF-Xuan Wu 3700 G
G-Rox/63 2000 G
G-Rox/80 3000 G
C-US4 1000 G
C-US5 1500 G
C-US6 2000 G
C-US7 2500 G
D-Sensor 50 G
D-Guard 200 G
D-Kill C 300 G
D-Kill R 300 G
D-Treasure I 500 G
D-Frame I 750 G
D-Half A 800 G
D-Half D 800 G
D-Fire 1000
D-Lightning 1000
D-Ice 1000
D-Beam 1000
D-Revenge 1200 G
D-Clean 2300 G
D-Frame II 2500 G
D-EN I 2800 G
D-Charge 3000 G
D-Revenge+ 3000 G
Name Buy Price
Viper Bunker 3400 G
Combat Lady 5300 G
VB-Flame 3500 G
Shen Yan 5600 G
Adona Shooter 3200 G
Compound VIII 5200 G
Break Knuckle 3200 G
Blue Nail 5000 G
KWP-XIV 3800 G
KWP-XV 5800 G
Timaeus 3200 G
Kritias 5200 G
Blood M40 3300 G
Black Relic 5400 G
Velvet Bolero 2000 G
Butterfly Suit 2000 G
Dragon Bustier 3400 G
Gorgon Coat 3400 G
Raptor Robe 2100 G
Heaven's Robe 3500 G
Warlord's Mantle 3500 G
Protect Gear 2100 G
ZIG-Muscle 3700 G
ZIG-Skeletal 3700 G
KAP-GLA 2300 G
KAP-SAL 3900 G
Rigid Leather 2200 G
Vector Cross 3900 G
Bullet Neck 600 G
Rosario of Love 6000 G
Cylinder Neck 300 G
Dog Tag 600 G
Open Heart 450 G
Cross Choker 1600 G
Name Buy Price
Red Crystal 300 G
Sun Cry 1800 G
Panther Eye 1200 G
Eagle Eye 4500 G
Steel Bangle 300000 G
Titanium Bangle 300000 G
Shock Absorber 100 G
Fire Wall 1000 G
Thunder Wall 1000 G
Ice Wall 1000 G
Beam Wall 1000 G
Cobra Bangle 100 G
Queen Jack 700 G
King Jack 700 G
God Circle 1700 G
Imperial 1700 G
Soul Collector 1700 G
Van Brace 700 G
Rare Brace 300 G
Unknown Bracelet 1400 G
Gross Soul 3000 G
Dragon Head 3000 G
Green Star 2600 G
Velvet Ring 600 G
Crimson Ring 300 G
Yellow Ring 300 G
Cobalt Ring 300 G
Silver Ring 300 G
Flame Avatar 900 G
Lightning Avatar 900 G
Ice Avatar 900 G
Beam Avatar 900 G
Counter Ring 1800 G
Revenge Ring 1800 G
Ruthless Ring 1800 G
Acala's Pulse 3000 G
Hammurabi Spell 3000 G
Lost Kingdom 3000 G



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