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A Little Brother's Fight

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A Little Brother's Fight
Type Timed quest
Quest giver Jiroque
Location Colony 9 (Tranquil Square)
Mutually exclusive A Big Brother's Fight
Expires After completing A Big Brother's Fight
Unique comment none
Accepted Quest A Big Brother's Fight
Experience 1,500 EXP
Money 7,500 G
Items Jungle BottomsXC1 icon equipment legs 3.png Jungle Bottoms XC1 icon gem slot empty.png
Affinity Chart changes
XC1 NPC icon 576.png Affinity link good short.png XC1 NPC icon 595.png
Fine Grandson

XC1 NPC icon 576.png Affinity link neutral short.png XC1 NPC icon 578.png

A Little Brother's Fight is a quest in Colony 9. It can be recieved from Jiroque after accepting the quest A Big Brother's Fight.

Quest objectives[edit]

A Little Brother's Fight
The brothers' feud will finally come to an end. Find a Red Pollen Orb for Jiroque and stop Zukazu from leaving to travel around Bionis.
Collect a Red Pollen Orb from a location relating to the Nopon.
Return to Jiroque.
Quest result
Jiroque and Zukazu resolve their feud and live in Colony 9 happily together.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English A Little Brother's Fight
Japan Flag.png Japanese 兄弟ゲンカ・オトウト編
France flag.svg French Querelle familiale - Le cadet Family Quarrel - The Younger Brother
Germany flag.svg German Bruderzwist - Jiroque
Spain flag.svg Spanish Entre hermanos: el menor Between brothers: the younger
Italy flag.svg Italian Faida familiare (fratellino)
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 兄弟吵架·弟弟篇
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 手足之戰‧弟弟篇
Korea flag.png Korean 형제 싸움 동생편