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A Delectable Delicacy

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A Delectable Delicacy
Type Normal quest
Quest giver Pokapoka
Location Colony 6 (Reconstruction HQ)
Unique comment Riki
Completed Quest Cook-Off Comeback?
Affinity required XC1 region icon colony 6.png XC1 affinity star small.pngXC1 affinity star small.pngXC1 affinity star outline.pngXC1 affinity star outline.pngXC1 affinity star outline.png
Experience 1,900 EXP
Money 6,500 G
Reputation 100
Items XC1 icon gem slot cyan.png Confuse Resist IV (30%)

A Delectable Delicacy is a quest in Colony 6.

Quest objectives[edit]

A Delectable Delicacy
Connoisseur Pokapoka craves a Homs speciality. To meet his demands, bring him the requested dish.
Collect 3 Bunnia Hams from Ether Bunnia in Satorl Marsh.
Report back to Pokapoka.
Quest result
The cravings of connoisseur Pokapoka are now satisfied thanks to the delicacies you gathered.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English A Delectable Delicacy
Japan flag.svg Japanese 珍味を求めて
France flag.svg French Un fin gourmet A Gourmet Ending
Germany flag.svg German Delikatessen
Spain flag.svg Spanish Un manjar maravilloso
Italy flag.svg Italian Fine delicatezza
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 追寻珍馐
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 追求珍奇佳餚
South Korea flag.svg Korean 진미를 찾아서