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A Dash of Colour

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A Dash of Colour
Type Timed quest
Quest giver Ewan
Location Bionis' Leg (Refugee Camp)
Expires After relocation to Colony 6
Unique comment Sharla
Completed Quest A Thoughtful Idea
Experience 200 EXP
Money 750 G
Items Lime BangleXC1 icon equipment arm 1.png Lime Bangle XC1 icon gem slot cyan.png

A Dash of Colour is a quest on the Bionis' Leg.

Quest objectives[edit]

A Dash of Colour
Matryona is the inspiration that set Ewan on his path to writing the story. Collect the Sour Gooseberries he needs to make paints for Matryona's pictures.
Collect 4 Sour Gooseberries on the Bionis' Leg.
Report back to Ewan.
Give the paints to Matryona.
Return to Ewan.
Quest result
Thanks to Ewan's newly-found drive, he and Matryona's relationship is much improved.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English A Dash of Colour
Japan Flag.png Japanese 君へ贈る物語
France flag.svg French Une touche de couleur A Touch of Color
Germany flag.svg German Geschenkte Bilder
Spain flag.svg Spanish Un poco de color A bit of colour
Italy flag.svg Italian Una ventata di colore
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 赠与你的故事
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 傳達給你的故事
Korea flag.png Korean 너에게 보내는 이야기 2