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A Curry Conundrum

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A Curry Conundrum
Type Normal quest
Quest giver Giorgio
Location Colony 9 (Ether Light)
Unique comment Reyn
Affinity required XC1 region icon colony 9.png XC1 affinity star small.pngXC1 affinity star half.pngXC1 affinity star outline.pngXC1 affinity star outline.pngXC1 affinity star outline.png
Experience 60 EXP
Money 1,200 G
Items Caravan GauntletsXC1 icon equipment arm 2.png Caravan Gauntlets

A Curry Conundrum is a quest in Colony 9.

Quest objectives[edit]

A Curry Conundrum
The Curry Shop, well known for its tasty curries, is running out of ingredients! Help Giorgio by collecting the required ingredients.
Collect 5 Dance Apples from Colony 9.
Return to Giorgio.
Quest result
The Colony 9 Curry Shop can make its famous curries once again!

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English A Curry Conundrum
Japan Flag.png Japanese 人気カレー屋のピンチ
France flag.svg French Une histoire de curry A Story about Curry
Germany flag.svg German Das Curry-Problem
Spain flag.svg Spanish Problemas con el curry Troubles with the curry
Italy flag.svg Italian Problemi di curry
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 人气咖喱店的危机
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 人氣咖哩店的危機
Korea flag.png Korean 인기 카레집의 위기