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Gender Unclear (no pronouns) [note 1]
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Rina Sato
English VA Rosie Day
Appearances Future Redeemed

A is a playable character in Future Redeemed. A is Matthew’s traveling partner.

Appearance and personality[edit]

A is a person with a feminine appearance that has long silver hair, and blue eyes. An earring resembling an Aegis Core Crystal and Alvis’s necklace from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition hangs from A’s left ear. A wears a grayish-blue bodysuit with red, black, and white accents, a collared shoulder cape of the same color, and white boots. A’s sword is reminiscent to that of the Monado, with similar symbols appearing in the weapon’s center. Whenever A activates Vision, Zanza-like wings sprout from A from the left back. In battle, A uses the Monado which is capable of destroying Flame Clocks.

Compared to Matthew's fierce nature, A thinks and acts in rational, calculated ways, often with the goal of protecting the party. Additionally, A is very intelligent and analytical due to the natures of Alvis and Ontos.

Story arc[edit]

Prior to the events of the story, A finds a half-dead Matthew after the City's destruction and helped him recover. They then started traveling together with the intention of finding Na'el and City survivors.

A and Matthew are first seen destroying a Vatura Flak in Vermillion Woods. After the battle, they are attacked by Land Volffs and A demonstrates the power of the Talent Art Vision to anticipate their attacks and defeat the Volffs. After finding a place to set up camp and sleep, A takes notice of Matthew's uneasiness before falling asleep. The next morning, Matthew gets a ping of a City Iris from his X-Reader, only to find the refugee dead from an attack from monsters.

Suddenly, Matthew and A hear war cries, they found out it was a battle between Colony 5 and Colony Gamma. Matthew then intervenes the fight between Glimmer and Nikol, from Agnus and Keves respectively, unknowingly imbuing them with the power of Ouroboros in the process, much to A's annoyance. After Matthew routed Glimmer and Nikol, Moebius Q and R then make their appearance. A kills both Moebius and destroys the Flame Clocks. Because Matthew used his Ouroboros power in range of Nikol and Glimmer, the two have now become Ouroboros. Nikol and Glimmer, now free from the Flame Clocks, are taken in by Matthew. While Nikol was able to accept that he fact that he is no longer a Kevesi soldier, Glimmer is unable to accept the fact that she is no longer an Agnian soldier, and runs away in search of a Colony. A, Matthew, and Nikol discover her to be gone the next morning, and proceed to go after her onto the Aurora Shelf.

The party eventually finds Glimmer with Shulk being attacked by Consul W at the Diablada Cliffs, Shulk instantly knew A was Alvis thanks to the Ontos's core crystal earring, and A recognized Shulk too. Later in the fight Rex appears and helps them to defeat Consul W. The next morning, Shulk and Rex led the party to Colony 9.

After setting up in Raguel Lake, Rex explains why A has this appearance, as he says, the Trinity Processor was designed in a way that Logos was the male persona, Pneuma was the female, and Ontos was somewhere in between. A also explains how Alpha is inhabiting Na'el in the same way Zanza had once inhabited Shulk. A then reveals be a fragment of Alpha that has broken off from him during N's attack on the City, A then claims the separation was unforeseen. They are interrupted by an Alpha possessed Na'el.

A reveals to Matthew that Na'el didn't disappear because she went missing, it is because she became Alpha's avatar. The party then fights Na'el / Alpha until N shows up and tries to kill Na'el, but Matthew stops him. He tries to attack N, but A stops him saying that N is his great-grandfather.

Climbing the Black Mountains in order to reach Origin, Shulk talks with A about how when he turned down the chance to be a god, he lost the power to have visions, while A still has that power. A tells him that he should know better than anyone that there is no single established future, and if A were to tell him what form Shulk's futures might one day take, it would be only one hazy possibility. A adds that his will is what gives shape to his future.

Once they arrive at the Prison Terrace, Shulk says that he feels nostalgia about this place, and A explains that when he and his friends went to space at the end of the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, they were in fact in Ontos's Memory Space as he remembers it from when he was at the Trinity Processor. Just as they were about to board Origin, N blocks their way, but the party is able to defeat him partially and proceed to Origin.

Now inside Origin, the party find themselves in a large city with a very tall tower reaching into the sky. Shulk, Rex and A agreed that this is a memory of Ontos about Klaus' world before being destroyed. In here, they find Na'el playing the piano, Na'el says the world could be like this if they went through with Alpha's plan, but A reveals humanity's faults: ambition leading to pride, even if they were granted limitless freedom and built a perfect world for themselves, humanity still desired to go beyond before showing Na'el the aftermath: the Land of Morytha, being what Alpha's plan would result in, while explaining human nature's faults. Matthew adds that she would be no different from Moebius if she continued to view the Kevesi and Agnians as people unworthy of life, and that they could live like the people of the City.

Just as Na'el was about to join the party, Alpha abducts her and the party comes face-to-face with Alpha. A then tells him that A is his conscience. Alpha brushes off A's words, saying that A has no place in the Trinity Processor. When Matthew declare declares Alpha is obsolete, A nods in agreement before battling Alpha who then tries to possess Matthew too, only for N to save both Matthew and Na'el. During the fight, A takes notice of Matthew's gauntlet (revealing Pneuma's core in the process) striking N's Sword of the End, who then witnesses the party Interlink to finish off Alpha.

After killing Alpha, Origin needed new avatars to keep Aionios stable, A, Shulk and Rex would be those new avatars. Shulk and Rex removed the term marks of their respective children, Nikol and Glimmer, now being able to live a normal gap of life and not the usual 10 years in Aionios. A says that it is against the rules to do so, but agrees to look the other way after Rex says that Logos and Pneuma would not hesitate to do the same. Before fading away, Rex says to the party that they will see them again when Moebius are defeated and so the worlds are restored by reactivating Aionios. Shulk, Rex and A start walking away while fading.

True nature

A is a fragment of Alpha who broke off from him after N's attack on the City. A is Alpha's conscience and comprised of Alvis's memories of traveling with Shulk.


  • A is an instantiation of the other third of the Trinity Processor introduced in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Ontos.
  • When they first met, Matthew assumed A to be from the City. At the time, A did not feel the need to correct him.
  • A can play the lute, and teaches Glimmer how to play her newly repaired lute upon receiving it in A Melody Sustained.
    • Additionally, an animation at a Rest Spot shows A instructing Glimmer how to play the lute.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: A/Gameplay (FR)

A's class is Monado Fencer, a Healer class specializing in evasion. In a Chain Attack, A has 25 TP plus the 5 TP through a "TP Plus" skill in Affinity Growth. A's Chain Art is Lightspeed, it's default effect grants one additional character reactivation, with 10% chance of one more character.

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  • A's left wing and Alpha's right wing may be a reference to the angel statues in the Nisan Cathedral in Xenogears.
  • A's Japanese voice actress, Rina Sato, is selectable as an avatar voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English A
Japan flag.svg Japanese エイ "A" in Katakana.
France flag.svg French A
Germany flag.svg German A
Spain flag.svg Spanish A
Italy flag.svg Italian A
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) A
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) A
South Korea flag.svg Korean 에이



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  1. While A's internal value for gender and info from Xenoblade 3 Official Artworks Aionios Moments is female, A is always referred to by name rather than by any pronouns in-game.